PIUMA TRADIZIONALE - Jarrah & Kauri Wooden Earrings

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This pair of Wooden Earrings is made from recycled Kauri and Jarrah, ancient woods which were sourced from our land after the earthquake in Christchurch.

WOODntU Jewellery is eco-friendly and ethically made:

Material: 100% Wood
Recommended Fittings: Gold plated
Size: 7.5cm length (including the hooks) 


Ancient Kauri is the oldest wood in the world. It has a powerful beauty, due to the natural shimmering iridescence of all the shades of honey.

Ancient Jarrah, usually used for instrument making, has a unique deep rich reddish-brownish colours and an attractive grain.


100% natural product: olive oil and beeswax from the Banks Peninsula


Hypoallergenic and locally sourced

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